Risk Disclosure

You should carefully consider whether your financial condition permits you to participate in a commodity pool. In so doing, you should be aware that commodity interest trading can quickly lead to large losses as well as gains. Such trading losses can sharply reduce the net asset value of the pool and consequently the value of your interest in the pool. In addition, restrictions on redemptions may affect your ability to withdraw your participation in the pool.

Further, Commodity pools may be subject to substantial charges for management, and advisory and brokerage fees. It may be necessary for those pools that are subject to these charges to make substantial trading profits to avoid depletion or exhaustion of their assets.

This brief statement cannot disclose all the risks and other factors necessary to evaluate your participation in this commodity pool. Therefore, before you decide to participate in this commodity pool, you should carefully study this disclosure document, including a description of the principal risk factors of this investment.

You should also be aware that this commodity pool may trade foreign futures or options contracts. Transactions on markets located outside the United States, including markets formally linked to a United States market, may be subject to regulations which offer different or diminished protection to the pool and its participants. Further, United States regulatory authorities or markets in non-United States jurisdictions where transactions for the pool may be effected.